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I really enjoy painting on the iPad, I feel like I'm really painting but without getting my hands dirty (which I really like by the way, getting dirty with paint).
Something that I have always liked is nudes and I usually do it quite a bit in digital art and photography. I must confess that I would not dare to publish a photograph like this, but I do dare to do digital painting.
I'm making a gif with this work but I still haven't decided if I'm going to mint that or the still image. I am quite indecisive lately with my works, in very small matters but my god! I have become a habit these days ...





I really like this painting and some parts of it just fascinate me! This is the one I like the most, I love how everything looks here!


There is a new place that I liked a lot because it feels very refreshing:
I'm just trying it but I really like it. All the other platforms and the excessive prices of eth gas make everything become quite dense and the fun part I don't even remember anymore haha So I have minted some photographs because it's what is moving me lately.

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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I love the textures and I love the composition here. The work is awesome without the mess. I am planning on getting an iPad just for Procreate. Its almost better than Photoshop! Thanks for sharing and Im following you to keep up!



Thank you! ♥
Don't hesitate! Procreate + the pencil, to paint, is totally better than Photoshop.