This work was supposedly for a drop at Makersplace on April 7th. On the platform they, supposedly, have the option of tokenizing a work and hiding it until one decides to unhide it. This is quite useful considering the price of eth gas that is always changing and the possible questions of schedules and times that must be considered for drops. So I used this option for this work and within a few minutes I already had a comment and several likes, all this with the "hidden" work haha. What can I say? Then an offer appeared and more "likes" so I decided to make it visible and choose another work for the drop ... I accepted the offer and another offer appeared for the second copy, so 2 were already sold, haha. As I do art every day I will choose one of the works that I am working on and I will finish it and publish it on the same day of the drop so something similar does not happen :))))

I really enjoyed doing this piece, it was quite like "throwing it up" and getting out of my comfort zone. I do not like to use references of any kind, I am quite reluctant to that and I always do works born from my world. So it was a challenge to accept what was appearing in the work but I accepted it, so the Matrix is present here.

After doing it, I was delighted with the painting, it really made me very raw and "real" and several things came to my mind, analyzing the meaning of the work and that is what I finally summarized in the description.


The chosen one is always a man and has been that way for a long time. Now the chosen one is a Woman, each Woman. But no one will choose her, she must do it herself. Woman, choose yourself and shine!

Additional Details:
4032 x 5000 px, GIF (18.5 MB)

Available in Makersplace here:





Bárbara Bezina ♥

canva / twitter / blog / makersplace / rarible / nftshowroom

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