Possessed by color

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If before I did 1 or 3 works at the same time, now I don't know what to say, I have many started! These are very intense times in every way and in all aspects. Something that is always clear to me is that despite the fashions and that kind of thing that bores me a lot like marketing or seeing piles of superficial garbage (artistically speaking) or having to do ridiculous things to tokenize your art, or having to be public relations, ... is that the only thing that matters to me is making art, a work of art. Besides making art, another thing that is very beautiful and that really matters is that artists that you have admired and consider the most incredible for you feel the same about your works. It's a unique feeling. The rest is nothingness itself.
I think the cryptoart world is very fast-paced and that you have to be careful not to go crazy. It really is very intense and moving. One day you feel like a failure and the next you receive juicy offers on several of your works. And then they reject you from one place and invite you to another. Furthermore, being in so many projects and with so many half-done works keeps you so active that in a second it becomes a constant alert and it is hard to sleep and you forget to eat. It's been a long time since I felt that way. It's really crazy! All of this makes me stop and observe my behaviors and reactions and ways of thinking and recognize my distortions. Reality is reality and most of us see life with dirty glasses that distort everything. I want to see clearly and it's something that you have to work on every day.
I made this gif with one of my fast paints and I love it!
I had to lower the quality a lot because it has many frames and it didn't load.

Possessed by color h.gif

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