Powerful softness

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Making artistic nudes is something I've done very few times and I don't know why, or maybe I do. Censorship first, something so ridiculous that you can't understand it. Second the shame, especially if it's self-portraits because many times we women receive comments out of place that have nothing to do with what one wants to do: art. In the entire history of art, the body of women has been one of the main and most beautiful subjects, but today it is quite disfigured. It must also be said that there is a lot of vulgarity and bad taste going around that is why it's so nice to find sincere photographs and that they don't take women as objects; It's boring just to see beautiful women with beautiful bodies, I think it lacks a little depth in the sense of photographing with the intention of going beyond the visible and delving into feminine, powerful and soft energies.




Duotone digital photography
Bárbara Bezina

canva / facebook / blog / makersplace

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