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What to say about this work? I love everything about it! I think I have more clear than ever that photomanipulation is what I like to do the most, and that is what contains more energy and information.
As I have said before, nudes is something that I love in painting and that in photography I don't like so much, but thanks to manipulation you can achieve something as incredible and beautiful as what I like to see. It is not the same but both have information, soul, energy. I say this because I have been working on a 3D image and for some reason I am taking a long time to finish it and I have wondered what is happening, because it is not usual for me. I don't know if I'm crazy but I realized that a 3D image doesn't have information, I mean, information and energy that there is in a photo, in a painting, even digital. I'm used to working with photographs in which there is a lot of information that I can "read" and in this case it seems that I have to put it. So it's something new and challenging and completely out of my comfort zone. I welcome it!
So here is this work in which for the first time I felt totally comfortable and without shame with the nude, because it's a self-portrait and most of the time I have been ashamed or I have doubted whether to publish nudes or not, but it's what I like it and I'm finally 100% sure about using my naked body in my digital arts. I'm happy that it is no longer something that generates contradictory things inside me, I'm clean with that issue! Maybe that's why I also like this work so much.

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Here is the work:

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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I really like the hands expression and the colors you chose.
I guess in some way I can relate to your thoughts and mixed feelings about nude art. From the old masters to contemporary fashion photography, It's been captivating for centuries and maybe we can say still is an inexhaustible source of creativity, always going thru reinvention.
I salute you for embracing your passion to take your art to the next level.