The Inner Peace

2개월 전

This is a collaboration with @axeman.

Collaborations are always so interesting. Unintentionally, or rather totally in accordance with life, works are always related to things that one is experiencing. The title of the work, his idea, is exactly what I need, what I've been finding lately as the polar opposite of that. So this work is a kind of answer to what I am needing. And it is about acting and doing things every day that reflect what one wants, that it becomes a daily reality, in this case inner peace. The interesting thing is that the title seems to be perfect since, as I mentioned to Ruslan, all those energies in constant movement don't seem to affect the tranquillity of the woman. I think it's something that all women should learn. These days before the full moon have been so intense that it's better to let them pass ...

The Inner Peace h.gif

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Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Perfectly done, dear!


I love this work!