Yellow chrysanthemum


It had been a long time since I made a digital illustration. It's something that I love and I don't know why I do it so little, well ... I decided to do something different from what I had been doing and I started with this work that finally ended up turning into a gif. I love playing with colors, finding the perfect combination for the image and for the present feeling. I used a self portrait to do this.

Yellow chrysanthemum h.gif

This work will be available in Rarible when the transaction is complete (it seems that in 1 hour):

While I was doing it, a song called Crisantemo by the musician I like the most in the world, who is Luis Alberto Spinetta, kept ringing in my head, so I share the lyrics in Spanish:

"Tocame junto a esta pared,
yo quede por aquí...
cuando no hubo más luz...
quiero mirar a traves de mi piel...
Y volar otra vez...
en tu cuerpo sin mí...
que se abrió...
encuentra el camino hacia el cielo...
que se abrió...
encuentra de nuevo tus manos..."

  • Luis Alberto Spinetta

Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Exactly the perfect colors, I needed to find the song by Spinetta, just to find maybe the same tones of your creation. Hope those feelings with tears will pass soon!! Nice to see you are in the rarible platform, all the best for the projects!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

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