Art Contest by @wherein: Drawing my niece "Emilys"

9개월 전
Hello friends, today I want to participate in this artistic activity that the friend brings us, @wherein and "world of xpilar", I present a portrait where he uses my niece "Emilys" as a model, I do it in the technique of graphite pencil and colors, on a sepia-colored cardboard paper and with measures of 30 cm by 24 cm, if you want to join this activity, here is the address.


Emilys portrait

Step 1

I make the sketch with graphite pencil strokes (Hb-2) using the technique of crosses, I give the first lines and calculate the size and place of the features of the face .

Step 2

I use the graphite pencil (B6) to give darker tones, I highlight the features that identify Emilys, which are her beautiful and expressive eyes, I give the required shadows in the appropriate sectors to have a natural focus on light and shadow.

Step 3

In this step I give color to the elements that "Emilys" has, his cap and his striped sweater, this colorful addition will give the portrait that art style of artistic sketches, for the last phase I give it certain lights with the pointed erasures , to give lights.


Photograph of my dear niece "Emilys"

Thanks friends for doing these activities that motivate us to be active and sharing with our people, I say goodbye with this thought that makes us grow more and more every day.

When you teach, two learn

foto presentacion steemit.png

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Thank you!very good

Hi @betzaelcorvo, few things you need to update, if this painting you did today or yesterday for the contest, then you need to sign and dated on the work and make a final picture.

Also put #wherein-art tag first instead of #art otherwise you are not visible in this tag. Please update it.


thank you friend and I put the date do it today, I will update the labels thank you very much brother, it is good to see your comment here,

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Beautiful emilys
well done

Hi @betzaelcorvo

Excellent work, almost identical, you're quite an artist with a pencil in your hands.

I congratulate you on your great drawing skills.

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Fabuloso arte, como siempre, querido @betzaelcorvo, como siempre te quedó espectacular, un gran artista. Un abrazo y mi apoyo por aqui...

Un hermoso trabajo @betzaelcorvo

Excelente amigo siempre te destacas. Eres un gran artista. Suerte en el concurso.
Un abrazo y un reestem.

Congratulations beautiful art in painting! It was excellent Thank you!