@Art-Venture traditional Art contest:"Happy childhood"

8개월 전
A big greeting to the whole community of "Steemit", today I join the drawing contest that brings us the friends of @stef1 and @myskye, the theme is "Childhood", in my presentation I drew a boy playing with his baseball, put the title of "Happy Childhood", the technique I use is graphite on sepia cardboard, if you want to join this activity here is the address.


"Happy childhood"

Step 1 y 2

I make the sketch in Hb 2 graphite pencil, I start with the first layers of graphite pencil, when we make images of children, we have to take into account the symmetry of the components, try to capture their childhood personality, that innocent expression that is reflected in children, defined lights and shadows, these details are important.

Step 3

I define the sectors that I am going to give a strong shading, for this I use the graphite pencil b6 and b8, this makes certain important features that define the character stand out.

Step 4

I make the part of the skin wearing a vertical pattern, to give a uniform and orderly appearance, the lighting parts specifically remain without any graphite layer, thus I take advantage of the same clarity of the surface, this will give volume to the drawing, I give it a dark tone to the bottom to give more contrast, I add shades that give you the perspective I need.


Thank you friends of @art-venture for your great support and for motivating us to continue working in the good art of the community, I say goodbye with this thought that makes us grow more every day.

If you imagine it, it's real .

Pablo Picasso

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thanks friend for that positive support greetings


gracias mi pana por ese apoyo positivo saludos


Tienes arte en las manos mi pana.

Awww que dibujo tan tierno! Excelente como todos sus dibujos mi amigo.

Fabuloso arte, no me cansaré de decírtelo, eres un gran maestro, de los mejores en tu arte. Te quedó fabuloso y el paso a paso muy bien detallado. Gracias por compartir tu inmenso talento, querido @betzaelcorvo

muy feliz se ve ese baby
siempre son hermosos tus trabajos con tu arte

Como cada semana, me sorprendes con el nivel de detalles y realismo.

Tienes un Don hermoso en tus manos. Y creas maravillas dignas de admiración


Muy buen trabajo amigo @betzaelcorvo Me encantó las sombras y luces del dibujo.

Support of Visual Artworks and Photogrpahy on Steem by @stef1 and @art-venture , rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project ( @steemcurator08 ).

The first thing that the viewer is seeing is the smile of a child, very well done :)

Excellent work, my friend @betzaelcorvo.

Congratulations on your beautiful talent.