Competition Game: Lets Remember Childhood, by @bambuka || The Itchy Tree || Venezuela || English

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Rainbownia. Image source: Click para IR

In the magic kingdom of Rainbownia, there were three guardians of nature and wild. These tree guardians were indeed the spirits of three kids whose purity of heart gave them the privilege over the other creatures to protect the realm, its skies, its lands, its rivers and lakes and, of course, the trees and plants.

So one day, there were Catsie and Toothsy taking care of two rainbow plants when, suddenly, Toothsy said in a loud voice: "Oh! I've heard today they're going to sell candies at half the price in the market! I have to go and buy some for us before they're gone!".


Drako, the older of the three guardians stared at him and said: "Ok, you can go, but don't forget to bring some for us".

Without wasting time, Toothsie ran away like ke crazy in a hurry leaving his two friends behind.


Catsie looked at his friend Drako, and without advice changed his place to the tree Toothsie was keeping. "I told that crazy friend of us to scratch this tree's back, he has some itching, that's why it keeps waving so much, let me show you".


"Oh, you're right Catsie, this tree seems to be happier now, look how its branches are glooming! I wonder what would happen if I do the same with yours".


And so, Drako went right away to the tree Catsie was keeping, and started to scratch its back too.


Both trees seems to be happier now, and so our two heroes, and after a few minutes Catsie said: "Hey Drako, do you know what would be perfect and what would make both of us happier than these trees?"


"What Catsie? What would it be?"

"That our friend Toothsy brings a big bag of colored candies for all of us! Hahaha"

"You're right Catsie! That would be the perfect ending for today's story! Hahahaha"

Love Is the Way, but its better with candies and fun.

This is my first Kids story and is dedicated with 💕 to all the kids in the world

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Love your profile picture, I do love horses too

У тебя получилась оригинальная и очень добрая история. Я думаю, что она должна понравится детям.
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