The Diary Game: Oct. 21, 2020: My Appetite Returned Again, At Least Temporarily


Lunch And Dinner




Today from dialysis I went home just satisfactorily washed with my blood, unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the whole four-hour session but it was just around 15 minutes left so it is still better than having the lightheadedness symptoms that I was experiencing before about 2 hours before the scheduled termination time.

So it was good enough and what just happened was the exact copy-cat of my previous dialysis session because I was close to blacking-out already before I took the attention of my nurses. Fortunately the nurses station is just right near me and so they are quite quick to respond to my needs in that regard.

Like in my previous treatment session one more minute and I could have been in a more precarious situation because I am really close to shock levels. It was a funny feeling beside light-headedness because I am experiencing some pricking sensation on my scalp near the nape area at the back of my head similar to an ant's bite.

chicken fries 800.gif


I am trying not to really mind it but I couldn't really scratch my head on the left side of the back of the head since my left arm was the one hooked-up in dialysis. I really don't want to move but it was so uncomfortable because I will be risking my lightheadedness to exacerbate until it happened.

Lucky for me and maybe thanks to God and my body it is quick to recover from an impending blackout if when the dialysis process stops and my blood from the lines returned to my body. In that instances my nurses would add more saline solution in my body just to raise my blood pressure a bit.

Then I am back to feeling normal again and afterwards I would just drink some sweet drink or Soda Pop because it aids in normalizing my problematic blood pressure again.

At Home I Dine

I just rested for a while after coming home because I did sucked a lot of candies and Soda Pop from the dialysis center, it just spoiled my appetite a bit. As much as possible I really want to go home hungrier so sometimes I would refrain from drinking soda or eating all my candies at the dialysis center while I am hooked-up so that after getting home I would get to eat immediately and enjoy the food more.

But sometimes my blood pressure would act-up leaving me to consume more candies and drink my soda pop that mother had put inside my bag wrapped with cloth to prevent the inside my bag to get wet. That is what I drink when I needed it in instances like what happened today.

The dialysis process again had washed my body and returned my appetite back which is why I was able to eat this food that mother had bought for me. Tomorrow morning this will also be my food and maybe just bread for supper just like what I ate for breakfast down below, toasted bread and either a piece or a couple of eggs or just a slice of fruit.

The Simplest Breakfast

This is just my usual breakfast before my session and I am planning to eat at my dialysis rather than eating at home to experiment again if that would make a difference in my blood pressure issue.

I tend to lose appetite why being hooked-up if I am eating prior to my session, but eating while hooked-up is no guarantee that I would be safe from blacking-out due to a really depressed blood pressure so there is no magic bullet and it is a hit-miss situation so up until now I really cannot find a real solution to it.

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