The Diary Game: Oct. 22, 2020: My Review On NUTRABIO Caffeine Capsules And Why I Am Using It


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I had been using this product since September which was last month only because I have to finish the last batch of Caffeine capsules that I bought many months ago which is actually okay too because they have the same effects as this one have.

Nutrabio Caffeine capsules offers the same effect as my previous one but pricewise this is quite an economical one to buy because the price of each capsules would only cost me $.041 cents a piece while the other product had costed me $.19 cents because it contains only 120 capsules as opposed to this product that I am using right now.

Nutrabio and Nutricost Price Comparison

NUTRABIO $20.84 per 500 capsules Bottle
Nutricost $23 per 120 Capsules Bottle

So there is a very big difference between Nutrabio and Nutricost Caffeine capsules which had lead me to purchase the former because I can get thrifty if I would prefer it but the effectivity of both products for me is just the same.

One capsule of these products by the way is an equivalent of drinking two cups of coffee but I use two to three capsules prior for my dialysis so that I could achieve a better blood pressure stabilization for the current condition that I have where my blood pressure plummets because I tend to want all the excess fluids in my system to be removed so that I could have more fluid allowance that I can consume in-between my dialysis sessions.

All in all both Nutrabio and Nutricost can give you the effect that you want and it is just a matter of preference but if you want to be thrifty you can choose NUTRABIO because it gives you more bang for your Buck.

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