The Diary Game: Oct. 24, 2020: The First And The Last Car That My Father Had Bought But From Work Abroad: Toyota Cressida



I was still young when I saw a photo of my father posing beside a red car, a Toyota Cressida as I read from the panel of the car similar to this photo above. That photo was lost and I can only recover the old photo of it from our photo album, it was almost decayed due to normal wear and tear of time

Apparently he had bought it in Saudi Arabia just like that and then sold it again and of course for a lesser value compared to when he had bought it first. The only experience of about that having that car was its single phot now that my father is trying to preserve.


My father had worked abroad in Saudi Arabia for about 20 years or so as a heavy equipment and diesel mechanic. It was good when he was just starting to work from the late 70's into early 80's that is why he was able to by a car... abroad.

I thought as a young boy upon learning that he bought a car but from abroad was a funny thing because why would he buy a car there while us his family here wasn't even able to get a photo shoot with the Toyota Cressida that he bought. Then he sold it after taking a photo of it and then preserving the photo in his photo album where now I am sharing with this community.


Crisis began in Saudi or in his work at least and then in a series of resignation, going home and hiring made his salary less and less everytime he gets hired, that is after looking for work abroad in the classified ads in the newspapers until he could not be hired anymore because of his age. His last work was when he got terminated for some reason so he went home and then we established a bakery business but that was another story.

But my father had bought a motorcycle yet again from abroad in the early 90's, he wasn't even able to take a photo of it, he just told us that he bought a motorcycle and then sold it . The only memories of it was the carburetor that he took home which I tried to take care of until he gave it to my sister's husband for parts of his own motorcycle.

That's the story of my father's weird ways in his life but maybe you can assume that he was just showing off to his work mates in abroad, that is the only thing that comes into my mind. But it is his own money and he is just like that, I just have to accept him for that.


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