The Diary Game: Oct 24, 20202: One Vehicle That I Want To Have: Toyota Hiace ๐Ÿš”


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Vans are a good family car because of their capacity and space and in this instance the Toyota Hiace are the ones that I want to also own if I would have the means or to buy one in the future.

It has around 2.5 to 3+ displacement which in a way hard for the pockets because of the fuel consumption because bigger cars have bigger engines and they are just like trucks when consuming gas or diesel fuels.

It is one of the prefect kind of vehicle especially for me that have a mobility handicap where I can board it with my wheelchair without my parents carrying and folding the wheelchair after I board the Van provided that the Van would get a modification for my comfort and convenience.

What I like about vans in particular are its space and the capacity of people that can use it and in that way everyone could just bring one car instead of multiple cars when they go to places although bringing along many cars in a convoy can also have its pros as well in that regard.

What I want to happen if I would have this kind of car is to modify the interior and make the center of the Van furnished with a small bed where I can just lay myself there so that I can be able to rest my back during long trips in cases that I needed to go some important places or events.

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I like your thinking, if I had such a car, I really would arrange a bed also if I could , it would be very comfortable for me to travel a long way.

All in all, I had a lot of Enjoy reading your diary game.

#onepercent #Bangladesh #affable


Yes but I might end up with a second-hand car anyways, but still that is in the end of my list to do, I have to prioritize my health. @mosharroff


Oh Itโ€™s okay brother,
I wish your good luck ๐Ÿฅฐ
#onepercent #Bangladesh #affable