Loving the Black Blob of the Sea Realm on the horizon Fishermen against the Storm.

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Loving the Ocean-Nature gave birth to a feeling of familiarity with it that gave birth to special skills for mankind.

Loving the Ocean-Nature Black blob on the horizon Tradisional Fisherman against Storm.



Clouds come floating on the horizon, it foreshadows storms and rain. But maybe 'when the southerly wind blows no longer brings rain or storms, but to add color to the night sky.

There were dense clouds rolling up the light that occasionally stung, maybe it was the weakest lightning, there was also a kind of small smile, and there was lightning that struck twice.

The cloud was frozen solid, in the gap it turned like a giant stingray's tail, the cold was getting more and more pronounced.
Increasingly, the madness turned into a vortex that licked the surface of the blue carpet. And that is what is known as a storm.

The light is blurry, the noisy waves never stay still, the atmosphere feels bad.
The tide is rising, the boats are starting to come home,
There are those who bring results or not as a symbol of gratitude.

a flash of light followed by an extremely loud roar. and screams of lightning may it rain and not be accompanied by strong winds.
Hope that the rain will stop soon, 'this habit is what causes the abundance of catches. Sometimes it can be a hurricane flexor or not 'but he determines the anxiety.

Allah is the creator, creates friends with nature, in the vast sea of ​​seasons there are messages, instructions, signs, that is the written evidence of the holy Kalam, if we intend to be intelligent, His message will arrive ...

It is common in the creation of the heavens and the earth.
Alternate night and day, as well as seasons.
the sea and its contents are all beneficial to humans.

and what Allah sends down from the sky in the form of air, and the swelling of the winds and clouds that are controlled between heaven and earth; (there are) signs (the oneness and greatness of Allah) for the wrong people.





I end with the words Have a nice day, always be happy with your family, don't forget to

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Photography:Traditional fishing boat

Location Photo:Aceh Sea

Camera used:Handphone


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