Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 75): Multi-citizens


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As we have heard and seen, the events that was and it's now happening.
The division of steemians' activities between steemit and hive is on, live and these two platforms is becoming inhabitable.
Most caring steemians have moved over to Hive, powering down all their good steem powers with great morale and alacrity.
What is the fate of steem as these people continue to move over to Hive in their great numbers?
Well, steemit will still be in existence but activities will reduce greatly.
Promotions and contests will be combed to the falling side and this will lead to losses in the prices of steem and SBD (including the one-eyed Tron).
This event is not really by surprise even as some witness have been turned off.
This started some months ago when steem and Tron started to flock. It can be called "Justin's influence".
People who saw it coming warned others to resist the flocculation and all to no avail.
The event trended and people loved it but the main idea was hidden.
The deception happened in such a way that people are still confused uptill today.
For us the minnows, we will dive to the direction of any wave as both will be beneficial to us all.
So, which way my people?
Can we still see each other at both planets?
We can still vibe like Sisco of the movie, The Flash as we now have earth 1 and 2.
Which ever way is good for you, choose it wisely because anyway is a way.
Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for your thoughts / description

time will show it, but now it is also important to use Steem @daniella619