Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 76): Where do we go from here?


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Where do we go from here?
After soo many years of togetherness and fruitfulness, the end is near.
We were young yesterday only because we had our aims and goals memorized.
Yeah, we have been through a lot but we can conquer it all.
Since the division of this platform, there has been this atom of quietness in both areas.
Steem goes up but its utilities are getting low while hive shows its face at the market with little esteem and publicity.
Sometime ago, steem paddled to the last palm tree before the shore but could not see the future.
Is this the future of steemit API?
Some users who made name for steemit are being censored for speaking their minds and what they have to say goes burnt.
They say;

What an old man sees while sitting down, a young man can't see it, even if he climbs the tallest tree.

They are our innermost eyes in the game.
They see what we can't see.
Look at us today.
We're getting totally demoralized by the migrations.
Activities are getting lower than ever.
Some good people are totally powering down.
To the whales and dolphins, we are shadowed by your undecided decision.
Where do we go from here?

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Thanks for your thoughts @daniella619

Wherever we go, I know what I want to do.
Many people try to ride two horses at once and harvest from both horses, which I find very difficult. I have Steem in my heart and will continue to post here.
I want both platforms to find their way and that it will be positive for everyone. In a peoide, the course at Steem will go down before the dust settles. But we are many here fighting for Steem to become what it is meant to be. Thank you for posting in my competitions