Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 77): Our home


f9xbmc.jpg Image source: @xpilar

This image is made of own imagination and thought for the 77th competition organized by @xpilar and this is my story.

What an ecosystem field with different species of fishes.
Yeah, the waves came as many times as possible but what was hoped to have happened before now is know as a fallacious thought.
Sometime last month, steem community saw some significant people i.e whales, dolphins and minnows migrating from here to the other side, hoping that Steem will go down like fireworks but the reverse is still the case.
Our communities are still active and working like before, even though some witnesses have been turned off.
Our prayer remains to make steem a better place, just like we have had something ago. If you know, you know.
If you're still a steemian, continue to do that which you're known for and also remember to encourage others because the competition just kicked off.
Critics of different types will evolve and if you're not strong enough to battle them, hhhhhhh.
We're who we are.
With you here on steemit, steem will remain undefeated.
Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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thanks for great description @daniella619


Yeah boss

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