Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 78): There is always a new day


scbhqh.jpg Image source: @xpilar

**This image is made of own imagination and thoughts by @xpilar for the 78th competition here on steemit.

We often hear them saying on TV and radio stations that there would be a season where all aspects of man's activities will be put to hold for a long time.
We heard it many times but we weren't paying any attention to it until a clone of it came to Africa and men called it Ebola virus.
This virus struck this part of the world, killing soo many people, not minding your gender or hierarchy in the society.
Central and West Africa suffered this disease and was segregated for some time until it was contained.
We all prayed that this kind of virus that kills within weeks should not be seen in any part of the world.
This happened in a way that most people who doesn't believe in science thought that it would be the last if we continue to seek the face of God.
Man, a very greedy and selfish creature got the thought that the world's population is getting out of hand, went into its hiding place, only to paint the world black with a new killer virus.
This virus has no respect for hygiene, wealth or riches, black or white. It kills like hypochlorite.
Today, most countries who are infected are lucked down. They suffer from both the virus and hunger.
Hmmm. I reserve my comments.
There will be this new day for everyone.
Coronavirus is just a stepping stone which we have already stood on. A single step forward will call it off.
Time will heal this wound.

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thanks for the description / info @daniella619

Please how can one transfer steem to an exchange.