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Panning Shot
One of my favorites, especially when I'm on the street seeing some cars vehicles along the road. Like this Mr. nice ride, I was behind the plants or something that's why you see some green in the front element of this shot, panning shot may be difficult, you must know the basic exposure triangle, but the main key is the shutter speed to obtain this kind of shot.

The shutter speed must be below 100 depending on what kind you want to achieve the amount of blur, if you're using a smartphone you must activate the pro mode of your camera.


The Black Rider
I also edited the black preset available in my lightroom cc or lightroom mobile, I use RAW file always to keep the full details available, RAW plus JPG is the best setting, I think an entry-level camera can make a decent shot even on a kit lens.

Spray and pray, they use this term to capture a hopefully good shot, by pressing and holding the shutter button for long just to capture a good one, but it doesn't always work you must know the techniques, 5 frames per seconds can do it, and I'm pretty sure, set the focus in the center, then wait for the target shot while following by panning in the direction of your subject.


Time Stop
It is not always low shutter speed to do a panning shot, you can also increase the shutter speed also if you want to stop the subject in the photo like this one, the rider with a back rider, I also try to shot using a smartphone like the last photo below, the smartphone is surprisingly good this day, even a mid-range phone can shot amazing result, pretty amazing.

As they say practice makes perfect I am not a pro, these tips just share from my experience, we can still always have room to improve, just keep on shooting, good day, and stay safe.


CameraCanon EOS T7i 50mm - Nova 2i

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