Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 74): Hive my home

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y7kvon.jpg Image was created by @xpilar

Oh ye who have laboured in vain
Come, for the time is over
Come and have your rest
Come and eat some good foods
Come home and re-strategies

Oh ye who are thirsty
The days are getting harder
Your struggles have never paid you well
You've laboured on unfertile soils
You've done well but still, no honor
Your geese are like swine

Oh ye who are broken
Get up, for the time has come
Get up, for the bees are getting mature
Get up, for the communities are united
Get up, for what broke you is gone

Oh ye who have survived the scorches
Your labour has never been in vain
It's believed that after the rain comes shine
It's said that hardwork pays
You believed that the sky was never your limit and it came to pass
The hive is still young

Oh come, because it's good to be home
Oh home, I longed for you
Oh hive, where have you been
Oh hive, the pride of the people
May we shine as one.

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