Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 75): When planets are close to each other

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mi7i24.jpg Image was created by @xpilar

When planets are close to each other
There are great chances of making new friends
Solutions to global warming can be easily identified
Rulers of different creatures would identify with each other in peace
Space travel will be make easier for a common man

When planets are close to each other
People begin to compare their different natures
The best places make money from diseased ones
Human abuses and molestations goes to the scorched planet
Condemnation goes to the weak planet

When planets are close to each other
There's this possibility that there would cooperation and get supports from each other
Everyone could be carried along
People would travel to their most convenient planets

When planets are close to each other
There could be great hunger for power
The strong would make mockery of the weak
The average could go to war with their pairs
The weak would be transferred to the most scorched planet to die and perish

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Hi @ddn688

thanks for the description / story