Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 78): Behind the mountain


scbhqh.jpg Image by @xpilar

When the darker days are young
When the warming gets hurty
When our plans get scorched
When our homes get dryer than ever
We look up to the mountain

Our tough time
When we have nothing to hold on to
When we search but never found
When our geese turn swine
We look unto the mountain in our days of wery

When it's time for harvest
It will sound like fake news to the doubtful ones
The harvest will be plenty for all to survive
Our lives will changed its course
We will be like those that dream bigger dreams

Our dreams come true
Behind the mountain
Where have you been all these while
Why have you decided to suffer us this much
Well, finally we made it

When the vaccine for coronavirus comes out for all, the world will regain its losses like nothing ever happened.

Stay safe

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thanks for the great poem

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