Sha'avan'u | Eternal Dawn Fire (With Time-lapse Process)

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Hello Folk.

Hello to all of you!
I hope everyone is well and the new year is going alright even if it's not ideally good.


Sha'avan'u | Eternal Dawn Fire NFT

I'm here with a new offering. As you can see and if you've been following my blog, I'm moving forward with the impetus of "Gotham Phantom" with more mood and dramatic pieces.

For "Sha'avan'u | Eternal Dawn Fire" I tried to reimagine an old artwork from early last year. I really loved working on this but it was so hard to bring it to this level. So much so, that I really thought of just giving up because I had sudden-on-set-imposter-syndrome.


ezgif.comgifmaker 2.gif

Dawn Fire thumbnail.jpg

If you'd like to buy this and also support me while you're at it, you can get Sha'avan'u | Eternal Dawn Fire NFT on @NFTShowroom.

nftshowroomcomdeadsparrowgallery 3.png.jpg

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  • Samsung Tab SM-T805 (Ipad Pro Mini or a Wacom one in my wishlist)
  • Ibis PainterX Android
  • Infinite Painter Android
  • Clip Studio Paint

Thumbnail cover banner may 2020.png

Thank you for having a look at my wares. If you like what I'm about and doing, give me a little visit on my profile page, leave a comment, like, and while you at it, hit that follow button and follow me not my instagram.


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Hi @@deadsparrow, I really like your username, sounds so cool! That even distracted me from the beginning of me comment. First of all wanted to thank you for posting in our community. It is always great to have such talented people and to view so beautiful creations. Digital Art always was my interest, I usually use ordinary medium for Art but wanted to learn digital tool. Yet, no time for trying, but who knows... @stef1 and the project @art-venture :)

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Thank you for the nomination. Apologies for not responding soon.