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One of the paradoxes in my (writing) life is that my preferred type of content to read is life stories and personal essays. It is also what I prefer to write.


That said, I have had so many years of "training" at writing article-style content online (and off) that one of the hardest adjustments was for me to just stop trying to come up with more "article subject material" when I originally joined Steemit.

In the early days of blogging, and particularly when I was very active on the Xanga blogging platform between 2003 and about 2008, pretty much everything we wrote was "personal content." People basically told stories of their lives; their hardships and triumphs... and that was what blogging was about.

It really wasn't until Facebook seriously took hold of the social scene that "social" went to Facebook, and blogging became about serious niche content and sharing expertise.


What was once my social blog instead became several niche blogs; one about stamp collecting, one about psychology, one about the Enneagram... and several others came and went, over the years.

Of course, Facebook is a really lame venue for anything more than superficial fluff style content. Nobody there actually wants to read content that has any kind of "meat on its bones."

Don't get me wrong, I have a Facebook account. And I have more than 1,000 "followers," many of whom I have no idea who are. When I post something, I get a fair number of "thumbs up" likes... but I don't really consider that actual engagement.


Besides, the "directed" content you get served on Facebook lacks... balance. The Facebook algorithms pretty much only expose you to things you are likely to agree with. Which doesn't work for me... but I imagine is serves the broader societal narrative of polarizing and separating people from each other over what mostly amounts to rather benign differences in point of view.

Maybe it's because I am getting a bit older that I am no longer interested in the fluffery nor in the petty squabbles that seem mostly meaningless.

I also dislike the way so many people seem so quick to get angry over what feels like almost nothing, and in no time they even become abusive towards each other. I understand that we all have a certain level of bottled up frustration, on account of the pandemic... but can't we still remain civil?


So, these days I write more and more personal essays and commentary on the Human Condition, both topics that genuinely interest me. And so, I am grateful to have a platform like this one, in which to explore and share!

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your weekend!

How about YOU? Do you have a primary form of content you prefer both READING and CREATING? Are you more inclined towards "human stories" or do you prefer "just facts?" Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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