Change is Inevitable — But That Doesn't Mean You Have to LIKE Change!

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There's an old truism that "The only constant in life is change."

Experience tells me that this is, in fact, very true. No matter how much we might wish otherwise, change will happen.

And I accept that. It's inevitable.


But that doesn't mean I like it. And it also doesn't mean that I find it "exciting," the way many people seem to. In fact, I have a pretty profound loathing of change.

Maybe it makes me a "stick-in-the-mud" but I am very fond of my routines and the "known" aspects of life. I don't like it when the "meta conditions" of existence are changed and I find myself having to adapt, once again.

Of course, let's not forget that "change" is a relative thing. And there are definitely changes I very much enjoy... like changes of seasons. But even changes of seasons tend to follow a pretty known and predictable cycle. And I would (just as an example) be massively perturbed and put off is it were suddenly summer after fall, instead of winter! Why? Because I wasn't prepared for it.


It all made me ponder the way some people love change and others hate change.

I think most of my own discomfort stems from the fact that I am particularly inept at "thinking on my feet" and suddenly having to go in a different direction than I had planned.

Don't get me wrong: I have had to do so a myriad times in my life, and they have invariably been clumsy, awkward and very stressful.

There's something ironic about that, because my upbringing was one of constant change and instability as we were often moving from country to country and back and forth to Denmark from abroad every 6-9 months.


I remember having a conversation with my father's sister about it, many years later and she said words to the effect of "It seemed like your soul was always left behind somewhere, trying to catch up to you!" I was quite young (20's) when she spoke those words... but in retrospect, it was a very wise observation.

To this day, I still don't much care for change. I'd just as well do the same work for the rest of my life, and live in the same place, and have the same friends. But that's just me!"

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your week!

How about YOU? Do you enjoy and welcome change? Or would you prefer your life to stay pretty constant? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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Dear WOX member,

I would like to draw your attention the Literacy Contest that is running by @romanie with good Prizes. Both Presents and Steem:


Thanks for the heads up @stef1, I will definitely check it out!

I would like to change many, many things: Value systems, social interaction, equality, tolerance, non-violence.... You get the idea. I have ideas how that could work, but most people don't like them very much. So that leaves wishes, perhaps distant goals....

Until then, as long as the books are still in their place (and right there!) and the clothes are properly sorted in the wardrobe, the bed is positioned in the right direction and the hair is exactly the desired shade, ..., I am quite open to change ;-))

Ich würde gerne viele, große Dinge ändern: Wertesysteme, gesellschaftlichen Umgang miteinander, Gleichberechtigung, Toleranz, Gewaltfreiheit... Du verstehst schon. Ich habe Ideen, wie das funktionieren könnte, aber die mögen die meisten Menschen nicht sonderlich. Bleiben also Wünsche, vielleicht ferne Ziele...

Solange bis dahin die Bücher weiter an ihrem Platz (und zwar genau da!) stehen und die Kleidung richtig sortiert im Schrank hängt, das Bett in der richtigen Richtung positioniert ist und die Haare exakt den gewünschten Farbton haben, ..., bin ich recht offen für Veränderungen ;-))

I agree with you, I love changes in general for the system, for country and politics. But changes in my life style, my workplace and my environments not really much. I always come back to that quote:

"Do not change the running system"

why to "re-invent a wheel" if it is exists and run well

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Wow excelente publicación, saludos.

You're going to love the "Change" in our New Monetary System...
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