Late Night Musings: On Commitment and Getting Off to a Strong Start!

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I have been thinking, lately, about making commitments... and then sticking to them. And then about committing fully to something and taking it off to a strong start.


Seems to me that a lot of people "get into" something, but do so in a rather half-hearted way... and then complain about "not getting results," even though they are to blame for those poor results.

I remember being somewhat skeptical when I joined Steemit, in January 2017.

But once I had looked around for a while and ascertained that it "wasn't a scam" (as many people around me were insisting) I made a commitment to doing my best here for five years. I also made a commitment to sincerely try my best, rather than dabbling.


To many, that might sound like some kind of insanity, but having been in the field of "Business Opportunities" for several decades, one of the things I learned is that most opportunities fail (or fall short) not because they are somehow "bad" or "substandard," but because people don't commit fully to them... and then quit before giving their opportunity a chance to reach success.

Of course, in the Cryptosphere, five years seems like several generations!

I am only two months from my 5th anniversary on Steemit, and I am glad I made the commitment that I did, because there were certainly several occasions along the path where I was tempted to just pack it in and take my creative writing somewhere else!


In my early days, I worked hard to create quality posts (I still do!) and made several that earned absolutely nothing! But I stuck with it. For a while, we actually saw the value of the Steem token descend all the way to seven cents. But I stuck with it. We went through periods with "flag wars," and we saw "hostile takeover attempts" and we experienced hardforks botched so badly the site was unusable for several days... but I stuck with it.

Full commitments aren't "dependent" on something. It's a bit like being married: You aren't "sort of" married when you feel like it... you're either married, or you're not.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, here in the USA.

As we celebrate that day, I am thankful that I found Steemit those years ago, but I am also thankful for for my own sense of commitment, which has helped me plug along for the past five years.

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your week!

How about YOU? Are you good at making commitments? Do you stick to your commitments? Do you find it easy to stay committed to something, regardless of what happens? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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