One Thing Leads to Another — When "Murphy's Law" Strikes!

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There are days on which — no matter what you do — it just doesn't seem like you can buy a break.


Mrs. Denmarkguy went to our neighboring town yesterday because we agreed to allow a young friend of ours to use our car for her driving test, early this morning.

Our young friend is 19 and looking forward to moving out from home and settling into her new apartment with a friend who's going to be her roommate.

Meanwhile, I got to stay at home to mind our cat and our dog. I'm hoping to catch up on some work, and some blogging.


So they show up for the driving test at 10:00am, only to be told that "they can't do it." Turns out that our car had lost a brake light between them checking everything before leaving for the test, and arriving at the testing place, five minutes later!

Somehow, Mrs. Denmarkguy persuades the tester to allow for a 30-minute later time slot while she and our young friend rush to the nearest auto parts store, which thankfully has the right kind of lightbulb (our car is a 1997 model, so not exactly new!), and they make it back for the postponed test just in time.

Only... by then our young friend is flustered enough that she makes a couple of basic mistakes and doesn't pass the test.


Meanwhile... she gets an email from the people from whom she's renting her new apartment, stating that they can't rent it to her unless the other person on the lease is there in person to sign, as well. Which is impossible, because he will be in another state until early December.

Of course, this had not been brought up before, as a problem.

While all this is happening, I am at home, trying to to buy some cryptos... except I suddenly get a pop-up message on my Bittrex account screen that "Your verified ID has expired. Please submit an updated copy for verification before continuing."


Turns out to be easier said than done because the KYC ID verification process is now wholly automated. And my webcam doesn't have a "macro" setting, so it can't create a sharp enough image of my Driver's License when held very close. So the process keeps getting rejected.

So I try doing it from my phone, instead. Which requires that I scan a QR code with my phone, which will open a verification page... except, that page just won't actually open! So I wait and retry, wait and retry... until I have no choice but to submit a support ticket, explaining the problem.

I wait some more.

In pretty good time, I do get an email from Bittrex support... which sadly makes it perfectly clear that the person at the other end actually didn't read what I said, because it's just a bunch of generic explanations for me to do precisely what I was just not able to do.


My irritation rising, I consider alternatives and finally settle on trying again via Mrs. Denmarkguy's laptop and I finally have success!

Only to discover that the wallets for the specific coin I was going to buy are "down for maintenance!"

So, I just give up... and resign myself to getting what I need via "going the long way around" by using TribalDex and CUB Defi to load my BNB wallet.

All in all, pretty annoying... something that should take about three minutes ended up eating about four hours off the clock!

Some days are just like that!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great remainder of your week!

How about YOU? Ever have one of those days where EVERYTHING seems to go wrong? And every time you finally solve an issue, something ELSE goes wrong? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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Hello everyday life, what have you prepared for me again today? ;-)))

Hallo Alltag, was hast Du heute wieder für mich vorbereitet? ;-)))