Reflection: It's Impossible to Learn EVERYthing!

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Earlier today, I found myself thinking about an old friend I lost contact with some years ago.


Bill was pretty much a "sponge" when it came to learning things, and knowing everything there was to know about whatever topic he was interested in, at the time.

I admired his tenacity and his capacity for learning! I also admired his ability to retain a whole bunch of information after studying something for a while. I was never very good at that... my short term memory has never been particularly good.

I write these words as someone who also really enjoys learning.


There's almost always something new to be learned. So many things around us are fascinating, and I find myself wanting to know more.

Whereas I realize that we all have different roles to play in life, one of Bill's greatest challenges was that he was always learning, which meant that he was a bit of an "eternal student" who never seldom actually would get around to applying his knowledge to anything much.

Much of the time, he either felt like he "needed to know more" before he could successfully undertake a new venture, or he would keep studying something to the point where he'd learn something that would put him off getting started.


I recognize myself in Bill, in some ways... studying things excessively can also be a way to choose to avoid engaging with life. Are you actually a participant in your own life, or are you just an observer?

I have often had more of the observer role... but as time has passed I have grown more aware that I missed more than a few opportunities along the way. And so, I have come to recognize that it's impossible for me to learn EVERYthing about something before I decide it's "safe" to jump in.

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your weekend!

How about YOU? Are you a perpetual student? Do you like to study things extensively before committing to them, or do you just "jump in" and learn as you go? Have you ever felt like "an observer in your own life?" Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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