Steemit: Dopamine vs. Dollars — How do we Establish "Value?"

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What does value mean to you?

What makes one thing valuable and another not valuable?


It's a Surprisingly Tricky Question!

Does value mean that something has a dollar value to you, or does it mean that it has a "feeling" value to you?

What do we value and why do we value it?

One thing is certain, value isn't always about money. When you're hungry, having a sandwich in your hand has a lot more value than sitting in a fancy car.

I think back on what I was doing at the height of the Steem bubble in late 2017 where the token was worth seven $8.00 and Steem Dollars were briefly worth as much as $12.00, but ultimately the value of that to me was definitely not money for a Lambo but the value offered for my time.


At that time, writing a blog meant that I could pay a small bill here and there, and my personal outcome was that it compensated me for the time I otherwise spent being a merchant because I could create posts during the "slack time" between clients.

At one point my art gallery blog was making almost $700-800 a month which was almost enough to pay the monthly rent on our small brick-and-mortar Gallery... again, I was being compensated for my time. The "value" wasn't in some kind of glory or recognition; it was totally functional.

This all made me think about what the value in money really is. Without thinking much, we say things like we "want to make lots of money," but it's not really the money we want.


For me, the value in money is that it's something that I can use to trade something I don't like for something I do like. Simply numbers on a page or in a bank account hold no real meaning.

The security of knowing that all of next month's bills are already paid holds a lot of value. I am oriented to security.

But it's a relationship that's different for different people.

How about YOU? What does "having value" mean to you? What gives something value? When you have money, in what SENSE does it have value? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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