Wednesday Musings: Some Thoughts on Commitment, Consistency, Investing and Powering Up

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A few months ago... actually, it was in mid-August... I made a commitment (to myself, mostly) to grow my Steemit account by a minimum of 5.0 Steem Power a day.


Whatever that might take, my agreement with myself was that it could come from some combination of root inflation, curation, powered up rewards, outright purchases, SBD conversions... whatever was needed to make the numbers.

I'm rapidly approaching Day 100 of the experiment/commitment, and so far I have not missed a day.

I have always subscribed to the idea of "get rich slowly." Meaning that I am not of the school of thought that looks to a sudden "flash in the pan" or lottery winnings to accomplish my goals.


I work much better at setting modest goals and then being relentless at keeping up with them.

When I get to day 100, I will probably publish my final "results," which look like they will be closer to 8.0 Steem Power a day.

Now I find myself looking at whether to extend this little experiment indefinitely.

It has had some definite benefits, not least of which has been a much deeper commitment to posting original posts on a regular schedule. I have also made more of a commitment to my curation efforts. Those are definitely pluses!


Of course, since I started my own "gig," assorted community initiatives have spring up, including "Club5050," "Club100" and now there's even a "Club75" I ran across a short while back.

So I am considering different options...

Ultimately, whatever we do has to work for us. Something I learned about saving money many many years ago is that it's silly to get overly ambitious and plan to save an amount you actually need to use part of to pay your rent, or buy your food. You'll just end up breaking your own promise, and then feeling bad about yourself!


Like many people in this community, my blogging/content creation efforts take the place of having to go out and take a part time job, in addition to my primary work. That is definitely a blessing I feel very grateful for! But the fact that I can't always afford to "invest the lunch money" doesn't suggest a lack of commitment to building my account.

What I am instead considering... rather than following the guidelines of any particular "club" is perhaps to make a commitment to powering up SOMETHING every single day... even if just 0.5 Steem.

That could actually be a whole different "club:" Commit to powering up a little something (as much as you are comfortable with) every day for a month!


As I said before, an investment program has to work for the investor... otherwise we just end up pouring money IN and then having to take the money back OUT to cover our daily life.

So, those are today's musings... thanks for stopping by, and have a great remainder of your week!

P.S.: I'll add a nepotistic "plug" for my @alchemystones art blog, which I am trying to kick life back into!

How about YOU? Are you good at making commitments, and then following them? Is it important to you that your goals be REALISTIC, rather than wild dreams? Are you participating in the 50/50 powerup club? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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