You Can't GET What You Want if You Don't KNOW What You Want!

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The title of this post might seem like a painfully obvious statement, but it's surprising how many people wander blindly through life, wanting "something" without really understanding what it is they want.


They reach and they strive and they accomplish, but in the end they just end up with a long list of things they don't want!

I'm "uncomfortably" familiar with that feeling from my earlier life... where all I was aware of was that something was missing but I could never quite figure out what.

What turned out to be missing was my own sense of self; that is, a conviction that I was really OK without worrying about — and comparing myself to — some external definition of what I should want and what I should have.


But why would one struggle with such a thing?

I know I went to University and got a very fine business education, with double degrees in Finance and Marketing, mostly because I was following family pressures of "what one does" as a young man who's to "go places" in the world.

What I was not yet aware of was that it wasn't me who wanted to go places, and that I was really perfectly content with a very small and simple life. But I had not yet managed to overstep the boundary of "That's NOT what we do, in our family!" And so, I was not really able to get what I wanted because it was actually very different from the images I carried around inside my head.


Knowing what you want is really about truly knowing yourself... that is, the "yourself" that stands aside from family and societal imprints and expectations.

Some people are lucky, of course, in that they grow up in the particular kind of supportive environments that encourage self-discovery. Thus, they may escape having to wrestle with these internal dilemmas.

I'm glad I — eventually — found my way!

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your week!

How about YOU? Have you ever had doubts about what you wanted in life? Have you ever worked really hard towards something, only to discover that it actually did very LITTLE for you? Do leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!

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The title of this post is very true. Nice one

Hola amigo @dinamarca,
Muy interesante tu planteamiento, a veces nuestro entorno se impone y debemos aprender a rechazar y aceptar las cosas con un razonamiento logico. Si alguien quiere plantear su idea sobre algo estará bien (todos somos libres de opinar) pero imponer es otra cosa. Son pocos los que toman valor y rechazan esas imposiciones (sobre todos si son familiares). Me alegra que hayas logrado descubrir tu camino y estar satisfecho con él.

Yo siempre he exigido una explicación de las cosas, me refiero a que no acepto que me las impongan, los porques siempre ayudan (si lo estoy haciendo mal, explicame porque y yo lo corrijo. O si quieres que haga algo dame una buena razón para ello) y así trato con mi entorno, si creo que algo no esta como debería trato de explicar el porque se debería cambiar. (Pero claro, esa soy yo 😁)
Me gusto tu publicación.
Saludos 😊