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Citrus pests

Hi all of you ..
How are you all today, I hope you are all in good health, on this occasion I will discuss a little and show you some pictures of orange plant pests, one type of orange plant pest is leaf leg ladybugs, these ladybugs live and breed on the orange leaf, you can see it in the picture below, how the ladybug eggs, arranged but above the orange leaf.




Life cycle

Eggs on the leaves and shoots, within 5-7 days the eggs will hatch, nymphs will develop through 5 instars in 25-30 days. Leg-leaf ladybugs have large group behavior, one plant can be filled with ladybugs, while neighboring plants do not have ladybugs. Adult ladybugs have a smelly gland, so if he feels there is a threat it will emit a sharp and unpleasant odor. Early instar nymphs prefer wild plant hosts, only adult ladybugs attacking oranges, for pictures of hatched ladybugs you can see below.



One of the methods used by citrus farmers to overcome pests of feet and feet is by spraying chemicals, or by other means, because if prevention is not carried out, these pests can impact on farmers due to crop failure, or the quality of the fruit is imperfect, this can be bad for farmers because it will get a loss.


That's a little discussion from me about ladybug leg leaves, I hope you all like it, and if there are mistakes in the delivery above, don't forget I want to say I'm sorry, keep up the spirit, stay safe, stay home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.



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