On doing the sensible activities in firms and in private occasions; The case of doing something!

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Value creation is the best thing that firms can do in private business life, and in addition we should cover the costs, and this is the way we have the potential to earn money in life. And activities must be suggested and be done, and we need to do something to get the business life further, and we should try to avoid bankruptcy, and we should try to develop the firms and the organizations as good as possible.

Activities are things we are doing, and we are doing things with the strong forces that we have in our bodies, and the forces in the body, should operate together with the model with five forces launched by professor Michael E. Porter by Harvard Business School. And the logic with the private businesses is that we can do them even better, and to the benefit of getting value creation in the firms, in such case that wealth is taken sensible care of.

We are using the word of being active to many things. We should run and cycle and swim and do other efforts, and we should be active in sports, and when we are working where we are working. And we have devil forces in our human nature, and that means that we should do it even better than competitors.

Being active and studying at the best schools should do our capable of making and taking concepts, and find their empirical facts in the mainly ways. And we should not meet the challenges with do many difficult concept in the life, but we should understand the firms, and explain why we are using the concepts that we are using. And models and concepts are there to make understanding, and not to use too many concept being confused and bad to explain what is going on. We should have concepts in the different courses, but we should explain the concepts, and why we are using the connections between them as we are using them.

Activities are planned and implemented, and activities are things we are doing when using our bodies with gestures, movements, the brain and the heart. And we should using activities in such ways that things are going even better and stronger in the markets, domestic markets, domesticated markets, and long-range planning of defining and of acting in the markets, and we can be in every country doing these things, and the markets are either domestic and/or foreign seen from every country inside.

Music bands are also present and active, if they are playing and making shows today. And we are saying to each other; «What are you active with today?». And attacks we are taking today, are there because we want to be the best person of any on the blue planet, and we should be the best, and therefore we must use vengeance sometimes, but at the same time we are friendly. And we must be in opposition all life, and we should win many competitions. And we are active alone, together in a group or in groups, and also for nations, and for relations between nations. And there more we can do for getting the organizations better, the better the efforts and the time have been. And we should do things as sensible as we can with our rationality, and we should also been emotional in life, and listening to our feelings.

We should love each other as we are with the love in nature. And we must accept that infidelity must be practiced in business life, and that people feel that they should change the love relations due to the existence of being a human. But the best thing is to love a lady or a man that you want, and that you and I can be stable with this through the whole life. And the main thing is to get satisfaction in the internal markets, in the relations and in the external markets. And activities can be of any kinds, and below we are showing some of these.

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