On having no restrictions in your thoughts; The case of ignoring things that are not yourself!

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We should be ourselves in life, and nobody should ever try to influence us, since we have the best education programs in our minds. There should be not restrictions in thinking, thinking is free, and that is really living the dreams as they are different places. Open and close your eyes, and try to find the difference when you are staring at something rather than doing not!

The news are the news because they are triggering your senses, and maybe there is some exciting and interesting there too. And we are learning by doing, and we are doing as we are learning. But why is the news new? That is due to different criteria like for instance new connections, creativity, giving your knowledges about something you do not know, and to give you irony on the cases and the issues that are treating, and there can be other things in addition. But Norway is a little country in the Northern part of Europe, and we are getting opportunities in relation to our background, and we can develop many environments on the planet, and the main thing in society is that people do not know enough, and hence we are telling them about what to believe and act and why.

If you are getting enemies, be an enemy back. And if you are getting friends, be a friend back. That is adaptation in practice, and the main thing with boards is that they can govern in the environments where they are present, and there is much education and research of many variants at all level in society. And research start with some details, also like a little child, and these things are forming your life later on. And humans do not know where the thoughts are coming from, and how the thoughts are stored, but we just know that things are coming.

So, we should be free in our minds, and we should have no restrictions there. This means that we should not put ski guards in mind. And nobody should not tell you the rules and the laws, since every country should have similar rules and laws like another. And we should not accept any research contribution from any angle with any content, since I have learned theory and research evaluation by NHH in Bergen. And being a researcher and compete out the environments that are present with things that are written and said, that is the way we are doing it today. And we cannot just believe in something unless we have conviction on it, and the same reality is true for all the research in the world, and business schools, colleges and universities are just giving messages of some variants, of all the conceivable messages that we ever have found in human nature and nature through all the stories and histories that we can imagine.

We should not just read the Bible and the religious books, but we should read any books with their special content and understanding. This is the way we are developing ourselves, and we do not get the right messages in other environments as research environments, and researchers like you and me, we have the foundation from the different environments, and we know what to do. And nobody should tell you the truth of anything, we can just tell the world how to think, feel and act.

The education programs at all levels are doing some with you, and the problems are always in the people and not in the nature, and this means that people believe and think in regards to which people they have ever met, in relation to which environments they have been within, and in relation to how heavy the school and the research environments have ever been. So, be responsible of what you know, and with what you have of opinions and standpoint. The reality is coming from you and me! There are always people behind what we hear, and with what we are reading. And we also have good and bad norms in the societies, so we should have the appropriate ways of doing our behavior.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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