On making and taking the power structures in the world; Where do we find most power in the environments?

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Power is about making any person to do something, that he or she normally did not want to do, or he or she has not correct imaginations of all things at earth, and when he or she can do the choices that one is finding in the wrong ways. And hence, we are finding power when someone has the position to tell other people what to do, and why this is like it is. And philosophy and the wisdom of knowing and believing help us to understand what to do in our lives, and we also have the foundation for doing right things.

There is not much power in many positions in the world, and the main rule is that you do not find power structures and power, but you find people and leaders and ministers and prime ministers and vice presidents and presidents telling the people what to do, when coming to justice, freedom and the ways to select of all possible choices in the world, and this has also been the story through all times.

So, which person is having the most power in the world? It is Xi Jinping from China, and this country runs the world today, it is the manufacturer of the world, and this country will surpass the super powers in few years & will become the supreme power – Xi Jinping is the President of the People's Republic of China (PRC) & is the most powerful person in the world.

So, which countries are ranked as the most powerful in the world in 2021? There is the United States, Russia, China and Germany. And in these countries, we are finding the people having most to say in the world through the channels that one can find on this blue planet. And we should always be the BEST person, and having much to think and to tell, even at Harvard. And we should love people where we are being, and every person is either like your sister or your brother, and the whole humanity at earth, is living just with one blood! And hence, we have bodies and blood systems everywhere.

Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer at Stanford has been visiting NHH in Bergen, and I was there, and professor Torger Reve was there, and also other persons, and Jeffrey Pfeffer was talking about new perspectives in the organizations, and what we are perceiving as the trends and the changes and the ways the organizations are moving today, either they are invisible or visible in the world with their operations and human efforts. And professor Jeffrey Pfeffer is also telling the world about the power we are finding different places, and why the situations are as they are. And we are finding much pleasure and much thinking about power, and the different types and sources of power on the internet, in the journals, and in the books. And what we are seeing from professor Jeffrey Pfeffer on the internet, that is lectures about what to do with power, and how to treat it everywhere and in any kind of organization and environment. The first thing we find of Pfeffer on the internet is: Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why Cultivating Power is the Secret to Success, Jeffrey Pfeffer: Power: How to Get It, Use It, and Keep It, and we also find the following on the internet from Jeffrey Pfeffer when going domestically, internationally and sensible in the organizations and in the markets: Jeffrey Pfeffer: Is Your Workplace Killing You? And we can see and listen to and examine these lectures of Jeffrey Pfeffer all of us being framed at home and in working with human behavior in many international markets.

We also find several interesting books of professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, and some of them are mentioned here. And one is about: «Power. Why Some People Have It – and Others Don’t», «Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time», «Dying for a Paycheck» and «The Knowing-Doing Gap: How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge into Action». And nowadays, we should visit the business schools and the universities as we want, and we can travel around the world billions of times.

So, power is something we have inside our bodies and our minds and brains. And sometimes we are thinking and sometimes we are not, and we should treat people fairly in the organizations, in the lives and in the markets through the whole life. We should work hard, as earlier president John F. Kennedy was telling us.

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Kristiansand, Norway

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