On making associations of many kinds in the dialogues; The importance of being inclusive and warm!

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Definitions of concepts with content and with their empirical facts, are ordinary things in the sciences. And in London, they have an institute for strategic dialogues, and that means that we should speak and write to each other, and also making speeches of different kinds, to make the world as a more pleasant place to live.

Humans can make associations as they want, and we have liberty in our lives to organize ourselves as good as we can. But there are three kinds of associations that humans are making, and these are: Chance, non-causal and causal statements, and what we have to say can have something to do with what has been said, or we can make them in our own ways.

We should use our talents, our knowledges and our intelligence in our lives, and we have just as much competence as the prime ministers and presidents several cases in the world. And the main thing is to open and close your eyes in such ways that you just find comfort. And things in our lives, are statements about anything to do, and with some variants of all things that are conceivable, and we should use our efforts, hearts and brains, with doing as good work as possible, and with being inclusive and warm in life. Try to love the people you find in reality, and no person is too bad, and there is a personality and a history of personality in all the humans that we are meeting at earth.

So, should we always try to be the best in schools? Yes, we must! And when we are doing what we are used to, we are satisfied ourselves, and sometimes things should be innovative and new, and we do not find the answers in the things we have written or collected experiences within up to this day. So, when we are using association of ideas, or mental association, what is really happening in our minds in such cases? Association is a process by which representations arise in consciousness, and also for a principle put forward by an important historical school of thinkers to account generally for the succession of mental phenomena. Hence, we are saying and writing things just as they come to our minds, and we are free to think what we want in life, and we should make the associations we like, and this is also true in business life, with brand associations and product associations, and generally we are using associations when we are thinking and feeling like humans, and there can be borders to be drawn, and frames to understand different things within, but the main thing is to use the brain as it naturally occurs when we are using it.

What is the problem several places? As humans, we are different in our ways of being, and in the things we are having in our human minds. And there are many meetings in the businesses, and too little literature, but we can encourage many people to read and to dwell with different things, in such ways that life is better after reading all these things, than not reading anything at all, or just being ignorant to what is happening. And associations are similar and different, and they have most to do what we have been learned many places, also in schools at all levels, and there are many people not being in NHH and in SNF in Bergen, and therefore we are thinking and feeling differently, and we are often shocked with how little people know of different things, when we are having all these books at different languages in reality, and there is always something to learn, and people are just focusing on using something of what they have learned in schools. But we are framed due to the environments where we have been, and which people we have met there, and even the employees need not to be better than the best customers. And this is about thinking locally and globally with what we are saying and writing! We can be in whatever university which we like, but instead we can apply for jobs where we are living and operating. Thinking is free!

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