The four Ss in Norwegian skating; How we enjoyed our leisure time with watching skating!

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We can all give and receive messages, and the question is why we should listen to any people, or if we should form the future and the reality in our own ways. We should also win all written competitions, and we are the BEST when being free for drugs and alcohol. We should be as serious as we can in the life, and we should be training and doing things as good as the human nature can be.

So, is there any philosophy about how the best things in the schools have ever been? We should use our brains and our ideas, and we should use our networks to build competence and experiences as good as we can.

The four Ss is the nickname to a part of the Norwegian skating national team being engaged with skating at high Norwegian and international level during the late 1970s, and the beginning of the 1980s, and this was the people that got representing Norway in international championships. The skating runners that got this nickname were: Jan Egil Storholt, Kay Arne Stenshjemmet, Sten Stensen and Amund Sjøbrend. The won several championship and they put Norway on the national and international map for many people being engaged and interested in skating.

So, we should set some world records to be visible and being engaged with what is happening in sport, and to get attention many places. And we can make and change messages to any time in the media, in the books, and in the journals. And we can make messages as good as our bodies and devil forces in human nature are doing with us, and we can also make messages as good as we can with just making pleasure and goodness-of-fit. We should follow the Bible in all its manners, but we can love a lady and make a family. We are very serious now, and we are not impressed by any message any place. And sciences are about management of different forms, and we there are also more variants of sciences, and there should be Nobel Prizes where we are working and operating. And superios leading qualities are something strange and not real, because we are just talking and writing to people with different power positions, and with people not in the power positions, and we are also talking with the professors. But at any language for any people, we are just choosing some variants in nature, and this is just stored, but often the messages can be stored, and they can be made stronger and better.

You know, skaters are often engaged with motivation and coaching. And we should be the best where we are, and we should kill and change all opposition. But at the same time, we should do our environment warm and included, and we should get friends and love our family, and we should make extensions from time to time, since all people are our friends. But people want heroes, and we should be the heroes all days, and that is more than David Bowie ever presenting when acting and singing in the front. So, many people have engaged these skaters as the four Ss, and many people have loved their human being, and the fact that every enemy is there to be beaten. So, sport activites are wanted many places, and we should choose to be serious and trained and healthy, and there are good things doing in life, and there is also stupid things. And we should make the lives just as our own philosophy is telling us, and we should take care and satisfy all the humans, and we should make points of living in life with the people we appreciate. And life is something for other people, and it is also about achieving goals in individually ways. And we should live alone, and being together with the people when there are some points for that. And many people were watching the four Ss, they were admired and respected, and all people knew their performances and good results. And they put Norway on the map in skating, and «Hjallis» told the people that we cannot run at zero times, and that statement is known many places, but many skaters are doing as good as they can. And some are not so serious.

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Kristiansand, Norway

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