The importance of the cerebral cortex in the whole life; what we are as humans!

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You can use the brain to make associations, thoughts and imaginations. And this is how it is to be a human, and we are using the things inside our bodies to function as good as possible.

So, professor Michael E. Porter in strategy and economics are telling us much about what a firm is with the five forces, and which factors we are trusting in any business in business life from time to time. And professor Jan-Benedict Steenkamp is also saying to us what we should think about in businesses and in marketing from place to place. And in addition, we have professor Richard Bagozzi dwelling with marketing management and marketing philosophy and marketing history, and we should think of all these professors as better than any Norwegian and Scandinavian variant, and that they are using the brain, and they act with associations, thoughts and imaginations.

So, using the brain is the fashion just now, and this means that many of us compete with giving the best motivation efforts, and the best contribution to life, of all the things one can conceive about. And life is about interpretation of preciseness, and that means that we should tell and write any message with clearness and precision to not get interruptions and disturbances. And any message is being interpreted in right or in wrong manner, and this means that what have been said or been written, is something we understand clearly, or we do not know how to understand and how to act.

The brain is about making associations about what to think and to feel, and we can just dwell with what we are and why we are as we are. And what we have done earlier can be interpreted as what we thought in that moments, and how this things were said or written down to the earth, making things being structured and clear about what to do, how to do it, and why we are thinking in these manners. And any professor can just give statements, and these statements can be thick books about how to treat the available and relevant research that we find in the scientific discipline that we are treated things. And the brain is making cogntions and emotional things, meaning that for instance infidelity happens due to proving that we are existing as humans, and in Denmark 46 % of all love relations and marriages are ending as infidelity, meaning that many people do not find the right ways in life, and that many lives are strange, and that people do not find the philosophy and the rationality of doing things in right manners in life. But at the same time, these things show that we are thinking as humans, and that no relation is perfect goodness-of-fit. And therefore, any love relation can be another love relation, and we therefore have no cleared and structured fundament in life, as we are coming to the earth with evil attitudes, intentions and behavior.

So, life is about faith, hope and love, and greatest of them all is love, and this means that we should love our family and friends, and at the same time we are aware of and conscious enough to compete out enemies and potential enemies. And every school has its potential, meaning what we can get out of it, and this way of achieving better organizations is something we are using in life to get more utility, more pleasure and more inspiration in life of all the things that we are confronted with. And schools and colleges and business schools and universities are giving us key words about the core we should believe in and understand something in the best way, and we should be serious through all the time we are living and operating. And schools are teaching people, giving advice to people, and get the best images as one wants the people to have being educated where they have been educated.

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