A Good Life after Pandemic, is that true?

2년 전


What is in each of our minds now? Life has changed 180 degrees since the Corona virus pandemic (covid-19) spread to various countries in the world. There are more than 200 countries that have now focused on quarantine citizens to settle at home, there are also those that impose lock down. There is no space for people todo their normal activities now.


Sometimes I think, until when we continue in this pandemic season, because no one really knows for sure when it's really ended. Reading the mass media, there are 2, 24 million deaths worldwide caused by covid-19. I was impression whether this was reality or whether it was still in a dream am I.

The United States, Italy, Iran, China, and several other developed countries have felt the devastating impact of this co-19. How about Indonesia?

I dare not assume too far, but with the technology now in my country, I am only able to pray Allah, hopefully safe from this deadly plague. Until now Indonesia still enforces psycal distancing, or a kind of social distancing in the center of the crowd. There are no mass lockdowns here.


I don't want to be considered paranoid, but seeing developments so far, Indonesia will be one of the most impacted co-19 countries. Until now this archipelago-shaped country has not yet found a maximum formation in overcoming covid-19, of course this is very risky at all. In fact, I was struck again by the recent media coverage. There are over 1,000 deaths in Indonesia buried with the covid-19 protocol, although it is unknown whether positive or negative is infected with co-19.


Back again I thought, could the people survive in my country from this pandemic. Worried, upset, uneasy, raging in my head right now, will their lives be good for my children after this pandemic is over. This is a terrible reality!


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