Harvest of food security amid coronavirus outbreaks.

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Farmers in my village are facing a great harvest season amid the coronavirus pandemic, although there are fears it seems they do not want to be too confused with the problem of the outbreak, it looks they look happy because the paddies yields this year on average increased from the previous harvest. Add more the price of grain purchased from farmers has increased significantly compared to the previous month.

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Entering the initial harvest at the end of March, the price of farmers' paddies was bought at IDR 42OO rupiah per kilogram, then experiencing an increase in price at the beginning of April to IDR 48OO per kilogram, entering this May they returned to smiling, the purchase price of dried grain [GKP] at the farm level also increased to IDR 52OO per kilogram.



Of course this is good news is one of the positive things in the midst of a pandemic that is facing through a number of areas in Aceh province. This price increase is also widely associated with domestic food needs due to COVID-19, crowded farmers who are reluctant to sell grain on a large scale, they on average store grain as food in the middle of a pandemic for personal stock.


Today I visited one of the residents' main harvest centers, they seemed very enthusiastic about working in the harvest season this time, so too, some of them also experienced obstacles when the harvest arrived. For the past few days, the rain has often hit our region. Rice mowers are difficult to modernly penetrate the muddy terrain, the solution to the harvest was done manually by some farmers.


Costs incurred are certainly more expensive than harvesting using modern machines, if manually all that is done using human labor, starting from cutting rice, grain collection costs, grinding using a machine, to transportation to the road. There are many costs incurred if done manually / traditionally, but because the price of grain is good all of that can be covered during the harvest of food security amid coronavirus outbreaks.


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