No Exploring Rural Market for This Year! [Corona virus turn of economies]

2년 전


This is a year of uncertainty, no one knows if we are in the midst of a very deadly outbreak, Coronavirus. Until now many countries have suffered the same fate, it is difficult to cope with the loss of such a large victim caused by this virus.


The problem of viruses in the world is not a new case, previously there have been several literacies that review it straightforwardly and reliably. But we as ordinary people only hope this will end soon.

I am a street vendor, my economic fortune is the market and the center of the crowd, but both of these things now we can not expect their existence to boost the economy. Because right now people are afraid to leave the house, and even if they have been infected by Corona, the family can no longer see them. It's rationale.

Last year I still traveled to the hinterlands of Aceh, specifically the North Aceh region. Many stories of trips to the hinterlands I made as travel feed on my blog at that time on steemit.


But, now I can't go on that trip anymore, the economy is getting more and more difficult here, the people's farms are bought cheaply as if the corona pandemic has become a reason to understand every drop and increase in the price of an item.

Of course, you can imagine what is happening in my area right now, absolutely right. Some of them are wealthy in the midst of humanitarian disasters that have hit hundreds of countries in the world.


These are the people who took advantage of the economically affected communities when this virus struck my area. They are the masters of blood who suck the blood of farmers whose agricultural products are bought recklessly. Hoarding nine basic food staples, they also do not lose doing things as crazy. There is no respect, humanity sometimes collides with religion. Everything has no way out.

Considering the travels of previous years, there are no worries like in the current pandemic. Traveling to the hinterlands to trade became a motivation as my family's economy, now I can only sit in front of the PC and greetings you, my best friends in various countries. There are no recent travel pictures, only can show you pictures that have already passed. However, at least the images again give us hope for a better future. Hopefully this Corona will be over soon. I want to trade again.


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