5/100 Fight The Big Bad Wolf

7개월 전



This is a rather rough quick sketch of a character I made today. I said in the title Fight the big bad wolf but didn't draw any wolf. I'm afraid that will take longer. I know this is going to be quick and I got no time left for more details. The background was from my post yesterday which is Twilight. I just made it a bit brighter so it would work well with the new drawing. Hope if I have more time I can think of other details and improve it.

Thanks for dropping by and for your support.

If you like creating digital art, I encourage to take this 100 days journey and be surprised at the end you beefed up your portfolio with 100 art pieces

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I think you created a complete scene with character, attitude and background. It creates suspense, and we just can imagine what is coming next! The best for the drawing journey!!

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