In Love Silence

The romance mystery begins with your smile and passionate play of seduction, the first feelings are as powerful as a volcanic avalanche with a sweet taste of imagination. We have passed the great path of misfortune and knowledge until joyous visions become the bread of life, you are my dream living in the open heart of truth.


Ignorance recognizes safe drones without fear, our curiosity leads us to the paths of mystic stars and miraculous success. We throw light on the signs of light changes that lead us to the magnificent revelation of love, you are the essence of tenderness in the wise thoughts of enthusiasm.

Once I had a dream and now I live my fairy tales that have become a reality in your hands, your love is a boundless sea of pure emotions that raises me to the highest level of fun. Open the weather gate with powerful kisses of perfect taste, show us the diamond fields with a touch of powerful imagination.

The past brings together the emotional bridges of the future with the intentions of our desires; we feed ourselves with love fruit at the sources of universal messages. A creative relationship becomes one body with two consciousnesses in the touch of gentle visions, show me the path of happiness on the islands of abundance.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Beautifully written friend @dobartim.

Surely love is an infinite series of feelings, which wander cautiously in our senses, when these manage to capture that ideal person, they are activated in such a way that they make us travel through unknown spaces without any control.

I'm glad I read your work. Thank you for sharing.