In March 2016, XX Century Fox announced that April 26 would be Alien Day.

2개월 전

Friends, today all fans of the Universe of a stranger are celebrating the Day of a stranger)))

In March 2016, XX Century Fox announced that April 26 will now and forever be declared Alien Day. The date was not chosen by chance, but in honor of the planetoid LV-426, on which Ripley's crew first met the now iconic xenomorph. The first number is April, and 26, respectively, determined the day of the month.

For me, as a big fan of the Universe of someone else (especially two new films) - this holiday is extraordinary and very important!)

I and my friends lead my own small but lamp group dedicated to the android David, who is the creator of xenomorphs.

I know there are foreign fans in my public - all of you, friends, I congratulate you on this wonderful and unusual holiday! And I wish us more new films, as well as interesting and canon books, comics, figurines and other fan joy!

And from me here is such a postcard with David as a gift)

Happy Holidays!

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