My drawing with David for the cover!


And here is the cover for which I drew art with David !!!!

Well, a little bit of information about the book (we do it together with friends) - suddenly someone will be interested)


Friends! We would like to share wonderful news with you! Previously, this information was known only to the project participants, but now we are ready to disclose it to you too! 😌❤

You know that at the beginning of the year we acquired from the Japanese an almanac in honor of the third anniversary of the release of the Testament. This idea inspired us so much that we decided to make our own almanac, from Russian-speaking fans!

✨ It contains drawings, stories, poems and photographs, everything that our subscribers have created over the course of four years (this is how long this group has existed) 😊

✨ A5 booklet will be issued in a hard cover, with bright, color illustrations, a bookmark with David is included!

✨ At the moment, everyone can purchase the PDF version of the almanac.

🔥 We are opening pre-orders! In the future, we do not plan to print copies, so this will be the only time when the almanac can be purchased😔

✨ Also, we will send a physical copy to Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender so that they can see how much Russian fans love what they have created!

All proceeds from sales will go to the development of this group, as well as to pay and send copies to Ridley and Michael! 😌

💚 By purchasing a book for yourself, or its electronic version, you will make a huge contribution to our fandom, inspire further creativity and they will definitely hear about you and me! 💚

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