Process: I have long wanted to draw this art.



I have long wanted to draw this art. I wanted to show this composition very difficult both in performance and emotionally.

I draw this art as a gift to my friends.

The program in which I draw is called Paint Tool SAI. I draw in the first program. I am satisfied with the first program, I do not see the need to draw in the second, since everything is in the first AIS program, and I like the tools that are in the first AIS program, I have enough of them.

They wrote to me that this is an unnatural creature, created as a biological weapon.

But after all, in the alien universe, man is not a natural creature. As I understand it, there are only two or two of natural creatures there. Now what? He is also alive - and he wanted to live, and his life was just like ours. And he paid for the fact that he trusted.

many dogs were also bred as biological weapons - pit bulls, rottweilers, etc. the same - but when they are slaughtered - it is a pity for them, because it is impossible. They are living beings.

the wolf was the mainstay of breeding dogs.

at death - on earth many creatures are born and take the life of others. The wolf was the basis, and for the neomorph there is a basis - in this case, the human. This does not negate the fact of the value of his life.

People often have a very arrogant position from the height of their greatness to judge who is worthy to live and who is not. So this is a fascist position

and you and I have taken the lives of very many living beings - both animals and plants ...

tragically, but it is important to understand why it kills - for food ... it is natural, nature created us this way ... we take life for life. As a word and neomorph. in order to live he eats, not out of cruelty or anger - but in order to survive. But to kill hundreds of lives for the sake of a beautiful and fashionable fur coat is already terrible, or worse, to kill for fun ... just for the sake of trophy hunting ...

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