A bird feeder & a Covid jab ๐Ÿฆ 

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We have had lots of starlings and blue tits visiting our garden recently to feed from our coconut feeder hanging in our garden. The starlings work in pairs, with one acting as outlook whilst the other feeds away. The blue tits feed and then sit in a nearby tree and sing sweetly.


I was fortunate enough to be offered the Pfizer jab yesterday. I dashed over to receive an unused vaccine at the end of the day and was greeted by an army of cheerful volunteers organising the whole process. Being left handed, I offered my right arm only to find that my arm was so sore overnight that i could not sleep on my favourite side! Fortunately, that is the only side effect and I shall offer my left arm next time. I am looking forward to receiving the second dose and hopefully, we will be able to travel to Venice at the end of August.


(Photos taken in my garden today)

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