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Thank you for posting in "world of xpilar". Really love your work, impressive 3d sculpture, I noticed that you are also in markerplace, there are many Artists from Steem.

By the way, wanted to mention, we have additional Support for the community with the help of @booming account of the Steemit Team. The users who exclusively posting on Steemit we can support with it.

Just if you do such posts please use #steemexclusive, you can later on repost them on Hive.

Also wanted to mention that since you were away there is a new community of users from Italy tag #italy.

First of all I wanted to leave couple of links:

This is a blog of Girolamo, he is a leader of Italian community and can guide you very well if there are any questions.

This is the community blog where you can meet other users from Italy, learn what is happening and maybe if you like to take part in contest.

Here is the community page:


Hello @stef1 and thank you very much for the precious information!