Drawing an African Man with tribal mark using white pencil.

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Good morning everyone,

This morning, I decided to draw a man with tribal mark on his face. In Nigeria, tribal marks are beauty marks just like tattoos and its usually done on the face. Although lot of tribes have stopped it due to civilization.

One key thing I wanted to achieve in this drawing is to make it more realistic than my other white pencils drawing. Therefore I tried to take the drawing slow and shaded very lightly so as to be able to capture places with more light reflections. For the beards, I tried different methods but finally I used dots though it did not come out as I expected that much.

For the drawing, I used white charcoal pencil on black sketchbook.







Thank you for viewing my blog and have a wonderful day.

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Perfect portrait in your usual (unusual) style :)

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Thank you. 😊

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